Blog Commercial NKCDC’s Virtual Holiday Market is open!

Unique gifts that support small businesses

The NKCDC Virtual Holiday Market is now open and is a great way to find unique gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, while supporting artists and small businesses in Philadelphia.

There are over 60 vendors participating in this year’s event—an incredible mix of local artists, makers, designers, chefs, crafters, and many others.

These artists and small businesses are essential to the health and vibrance of our neighborhoods. As Gracious Rebel Designs creator Maryam Halaj told NKCDC, “When you support a local artist or business, you’re supporting a community.”

“With every kind review given, every share, and every purchase, you’re expressing that you care about their authenticity and acknowledge that their hustle serves a very major role in building up our communities,” she said.

An opportunity to safely connect 

Covid-19 and its economic impacts has made 2020 a year of challenges and uncertainty for many Philadelphia businesses. In the spring of this year, visual artist and Radical Hearts Print Lab creator Loretta Gary was laid off from her full-time job due to Covid-related closures, an experience that she said turned her world upside down. But Gary has endured, and Radical Hearts Print Lab has since turned into a full-time operation. “It’s been a struggle to get my footing,” she said, “but I’m so grateful to have opportunities like this virtual holiday market to help me safely connect with my neighbors as I grow what was once just a hobby into a full-time business.” 

“It’s beautiful to witness how people are turning towards each other this year to truly care for one another,” Gary added. “Seemingly small things like this actually can have a really big impact, and it gives me hope for what’s to come!” 

Elwood, one of Fishtown’s newest restaurants, has been shuttered for most of the year.

‘Never a better time’ 

Adam Diltz, chef and owner of Elwood restaurant in Fishtown, also experienced setbacks in 2020, his restaurant’s first full year of business. The city’s indoor dining restrictions kept Elwood closed from March through the beginning of September. Then in November, another surge in local infections led the city to impose new restrictions, and Elwood had to shut its doors again. At the NKCDC holiday market, Diltz is offering take-out family meals and selling jars of house-made apple butter, pepper sauce, and honey harvested from bees in his own backyard. 

“There has never been a better time than now to keep small businesses in mind and to invest in the local economy,” said Diltz. 

The NKCDC Virtual Holiday Market will remain open until December 31. Interested vendors are still welcome to apply. If you’d like to show extra support, you can also make a donation to the NKCDC Small Business Community Relief Fund. Money from the fund will be given directly to small businesses in our service area impacted by Covid-19.