Get involved in Port Richmond, Fishtown, and Kensington Philadelphia!

Neighborhood Associations

Get involved with your local civic association to hear neighborhood news, plan community events, and weigh in on new development plans.

Zoning & Planning

See the neighborhood and corridor plans created by local neighborhoods and business districts, and make your voice heard about neighborhood development by working with your Registered Community Organization.

Community Events

Get timely information about community events, programs and services in Kensington, Port Richmond & Fishtown. Text “NKCDC” to 833-901-2072 for phone alerts. Or stay connected with newsletters about local events, arts activities and business opportunities.

Connect to good health

NKCDC can help you find resources to meet your needs for housing, food, utilities, transportation, translation, education, child care, and anything else that may affect your health.

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Cleaning & Greening

Clean and green neighborhoods improve our physical and mental health. They also just look nice. Join a community cleanup, report illegal dumping, find lead and air quality testing, and learn about nearby vacant lots!

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Shop Local

Support local businesses and find local resources with NKCDC’s annual Business Directory and Neighborhood Resource Guide.

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When neighbors look out for each other, everyone is safer. Use the City’s 911, 311 and tip lines, and join a local safety group to stay informed.

Education & Schools

Whether walking your children to a neighborhood school or day care, or watching your high school student take the El downtown, the River Wards have great options for quality education.


Stay healthy with these sources of fresh food, affordable health care, lead and air quality testing, and help for opioid use and addiction.

Featured Community Leader

Blew Kind

At Franny Lou’s, community activism, relational business practices, awareness, wellness, and advocacy are baked into every detail, from the naming of specialty sandwiches, to the carefully sourced ingredients, to the antiracist/anticapitalist books that line shelves and coloring books featuring Black women in restful poses.

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Community Connectors

NKCDC’s Community Connector program builds on the skills and interests of residents by connecting people to tools, guidance, and a network to improve themselves and their community.

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Community Survey

Every three years NKCDC takes a survey of Kensington Philadelphia to learn how residents are thinking and feeling about their neighborhood.

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