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A healthy home is the best medicine

Kensington Rebuilding Together Boundaries

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Do you need home repairs?

Since 2017, NKCDC has worked with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia to bring healthy home repairs to Kensington. You may be eligible if you:

  • Live within the boundaries pictured (19134 Zip code)
  • Own your home
  • Pay (or are in a payment plan for) real estate taxes
  • Make less than this annual income for your household size:

1 person—$52,950
2 people—$60,500
3 people—$68,050
4 people—$75,600

If you don’t qualify for this program, don’t worry! NKCDC may be able to connect you to other repair programs in Philadelphia. Contact the Healthy Homes team at 215-427-0350 x139 or .

Repairs can include:

• Roof
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Windows & doors
• Floor & subfloor
• Ceiling & drywall
• Mobility adaptations

To learn more, call NKCDC at 215-427-0350 x139 or email homerepair@nkcdc.org.

Repairs depend on funding. NKCDC can also connect homeowners to other available services.

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Rebuilding Together Philadelphia home repairs

In 2017, NKCDC and Rebuilding Together Philadelphia began a multi-year partnership to bring healthy home repairs to Kensington. Professional contractors and volunteers completed an average of $15,000 of repairs on 33 homes on Somerset Street in the first year. 

In 2018, we repaired 25 houses near Amber and Auburn Streets, and in 2019 NKCDC began its third year with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia, repairing 25 more homes around East Cambria Street. Each year kicked off with a “Block Build” event that included more than 200 neighbors, volunteers and professionals. 

A healthy home is the best medicine

That’s the growing belief of many health care providers, who are working with organizations like NKCDC to eliminate household hazards like lead, mold, pests, or poor air quality, which are leading causes of chronic disease.

In 2013-2014, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health partnered with St. Christopher’s Hospital to remove asthma triggers from homes at an average cost of $3,500 per home. It found that hospitalizations dropped 70% within six months and school absences were cut in half.

Home repairs also preserve affordable housing and prevent families from being displaced. In a 2009 review of home repair programs run by the City of Philadelphia, Karen Black wrote: “Public investment of $6,911 under the Basic Systems Repair Program can in many cases prevent residential abandonment and keep workforce housing viable. The cost to the City of not repairing these occupied homes is up to six times greater.”

Other Philadelphia home repair programs

Rebuilding Together in Fairhill. Our neighbors at HACE also work with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia. They serve homeowners in the Fairhill community. Contact 215-426-1405 or agarayua@hacecdc.org for more information.

The City of Philadelphia runs several repair programs:

  • Basic Systems Repair Program provides free repairs to correct electrical, plumbing, heating, structural and roofing emergencies in eligible owner-occupied homes in Philadelphia.
  • Weatherization Assistance Program provides free weatherization and energy efficiency improvements to owner-occupied houses and tenant-occupied rental units located in the Philadelphia. Eligibility requirements apply.
  • Adaptive Modifications Program is designed to help individuals with permanent physical disabilities live more independently in their homes. It provides free adaptations to a house or an apartment, allowing easier access to and mobility within the home.
  • Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program (SHARP) is a minor home repair program provided by the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging for Philadelphia homeowners ages 60 and older.

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia works alongside low-income owner-occupied homes to make free or highly-subsidized repairs that improve quality of life, keep homes warm, safe, and dry, and allow homeowners to “age in place.” Anyone can register on the Habitat website or by leaving a message at 215-765-6000 x18 or family@habitatphiladelphia.org.

The Heater Hotline provides free emergency heater repairs for eligible households. If the Heater Hotline staff determine that your heater needs to be replaced, they will forward your application to the Basic Systems Repair Program above. To apply for heater repairs only, call the Heater Hotline at 215-609-1443.

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging provides minor and major home repairs and carries out modifications to make homes more accessible to older adults and those with disabilities. Seniors must be age 60+ and own their home. For more information, call the PCA Helpline at 215-765-9040.

Restore, Repair, Renew is an initiative of the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority to help Philadelphia homeowners access low-interest loans to invest in their properties. Loans can fun a range of home repairs. Call 215-866-5200 or email rrr@clarifi.org.


For more information about affordable Philadelphia home repairs, please contact NKCDC’s Healthy Homes team at 215-427-0350 x139 or .

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Many repair programs require you to own your home, be listed on the deed, and be in good shape with your property taxes. Some also have income or credit score requirements. NKCDC housing advisors can help—by phone or online!

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