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Buying a Home


NKCDC’s certified housing counselors provide free help to anyone buying a home in Philadelphia 

Homebuyer Education

The First Time Homebuyer workshop is a free, four-hour online class. Each workshop features a lender, a realtor, a home inspector and a housing advisor from NKCDC. Sign up for a workshop to receive expert advice on your home purchase process!

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Down Payment Assistance

The City of Philadelphia is offering a homebuyer assistance grant of up to $10,000 (or 6% of the home’s purchase price, whichever is lower) to help first-time homebuyers reduce their principal and cover down payment and loan closing costs.

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Request a Housing Appointment

Schedule free, personal assistance with one of our certified housing advisors, by phone or online!

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Pay for a Credit Report

If your housing counseling appointment requires a credit report, please pay for your report here.

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