Cure Violence

A public health approach to preventing violence in Kensington

The Cure Violence Model

Cure Violence Kensington is a community violence intervention program that treats gun violence as a public health issue. By training an employing Outreach Workers with a lived understanding of the communities they serve, the Cure Violence program disrupts the cycle of violence by interrupting and mediating conflicts within communities. The program concentrates on the most at-risk who typically meet the following criteria: a history of arrest, a member of a gang, served time in prison, a victim of a shooting, or involvement in high-risk street activity. 

Who are Cure Violence Outreach Workers?

Cure Violence Outreach Workers receive extensive training from Temple University’s Center for Bioethics to identify patterns of violence and build trusting relationships with those most at risk of engaging in violent interactions. They maintain a caseload of individuals, canvass the community, facilitate outreach, connect residents to resources, and mobilize community members and respond to shootings. 

Cure Violence Kensington Outreach team can help connect individuals with employment services, housing assistance, and other affordable and free resources. 

Contact the Cure Violence team

Reach out to 215-427-0350 x 112 or to connect with the Cure Violence Outreach team.

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