Community Cleaning & Greening

Cleaning & Greening

Clean and green neighborhoods improve physical and mental health.

Neighborhood Cleanup Resources

Every spring, NKCDC coordinates a community-wide cleanup day. But you can keep your neighborhood clean year-round with these local networks and tools.

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Sustainability Resources

Go green and save green. It doesn’t have to cost more to care about the environment. Whether you’re looking for fresh food, renewable energy, or a free tree for the sidewalk in front of your home, NKCDC has a ton of resources to help you save some green.

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Vacant Land Resources

Get more information on a vacant property that has been a nuisance on your block or that you may be interested in buying.

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NKCDC Garden

The NKCDC Garden is a breath of fresh air on the Frankford Avenue corridor. Located on the corner of Berks Street, the space regularly hosts community events and markets featuring local artists, musicians, and vendors. It is also available for private rentals.

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Open Space Management

In 1996, NKCDC and community members began cleaning vacant lots that were easy targets for illegal dumping and criminal activity. Today, our approach is the basis for the PHS LandCare Program, and our crew cleans and mows more than 900 parcels a year.

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Sustainable 19125 and 19134

Initiated by NKCDC and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in 2009, more than 60 residents and community groups worked to create the greenest zip codes in Philadelphia. Though no longer active, Sustainable 19125 and 19134 remains a model for neighborhood greening programs nationwide.

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Big Green Block

Beginning in 2008, a collaboration of public, private and non-profit partners turned 20 trash-strewn acres of vacant land into a showcase of green infrastructure in Fishtown.

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