Who We Are Staff & Board

Staff & Board

Executive Director

Bill McKinney

Dr. Bill McKinney joined NKCDC after more than 25 years leading in nonprofits and public and academic institutions, including two decades directing his own consulting firm, Innovative Solutions Collective.

A longtime resident of McPherson Square, Dr. McKinney has researched, written and presented extensively on Philadelphia and Kensington on issues of race, equity and economic justice, including food access, access to education, community institutions such as libraries and settlement houses, incarceration and re-entry, addiction and recovery, emergent non-profit support, gender pay equity, and the effect of race and ethnicity on women’s economic status.

From 2014 to 2019, Dr. McKinney served as executive vice president and director of research and evaluation at The Food Trust, a nationally recognized nonprofit based in Philadelphia, dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food.

From 2003 to 2013, he was deputy director and then director of the Howard Samuels Center at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, focusing  on research and public policy to increase civic engagement and community participation.

“As a longtime resident of the part of the city NKCDC serves, I have been impacted by the significant challenges that this community faces while also appreciating the incredible assets we have to offer,” Dr. McKinney said.

“It is critical that we address systemic racism and poverty while also working from a community-centered, strengths-based approach to develop strategies that combat displacement and create healthy and thriving community,” he said.

Dr. McKinney received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Temple University, a Master’s in Applied Anthropology from the University of Maryland, and a B.A. in Anthropology from Cleveland State University. In keeping with NKCDC’s vision for trauma-informed community development, he has certifications in Trauma Informed Care and Enhanced Trauma Awareness.

Dr. McKinney has lived on McPherson Square in North Philadelphia for over 18 years, where he enjoys gardening and playing music with his band, the West Kensingtons.

Administrative Staff

Lowell began his career as a visual artist and still works as a photojournalist.

Communications Manager

Lowell Brown


Lisa was born and raised in Olde Kensington.

Morning Receptionist

Lisa Burgos


Using a chimney when grilling will cut your prep time with no lighter fluid taste.

Director of Finance

Dani Howard


Debbie started at NKCDC in 1991 as a VISTA volunteer. She supervises NKCDC’s Open Space…

Director of Operations

Deborah Kinkead


Dr. Bill McKinney joined NKCDC after more than 25 years leading in nonprofits and public…

Executive Director

Bill McKinney


Bea Rider brings a decade of fundraising and management experience from nonprofits across the Philadelphia…

Director of Resource Development and Communications

Bea J.E. Rider

Afternoon Receptionist

Julia Zambrana


Community Engagement

Community Health Worker

Francesca Aviles


Joan says she’s easy to get along with. And she’s right!

Certified Community Health Worker

Joan Dansette


Katsí’s name means Moon in Taíno.

Director of Community Engagement

Katsí Miranda-Lozada


Rodney backpacked/rock climbed 100+ miles in 30 days in the Rocky Mountains at age 16.

Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Rodney Mobley

NAC Program Associate

Darnell Morris

Certified Community Health Worker

Brenda Mosley

Economic Development

Everyone calls her “Smooches!”

Commercial Corridor Manager

Gloria Cartagena

Corridor Steward

Brenda Collier


Brian is a musician and a pool player.

Lead Corridor Steward

Brian M. Cooper

Corridor Steward

Chris Dais

Corridor Steward

Jerome Hart

Economic Development & Housing Resilience Coordinator

Anthony Miller


Lee has a friendly pet snake named Couscous.

Commercial Corridor Manager

Lee Nentwig


In her spare time, Nicole assembles Ikea furniture and tries not to kill house plants.

Director of Real Estate and Economic Development

Nicole Westerman

Corridor Steward

Tyreese Whitaker


Health & Wellness

Sonya can name any pure breed of dog and most cats by looking at them.

Nourish/SNAP-Ed Community Health Specialist

Sonya Carroll

CHW Training Supervisor

Gwendolyn Collier-Jefferson

Community Health Worker

Janell Collier-Montgomery

Lead Community Health Worker

Margarita Gonzalez


Lizette has hyperacusis—acute or very sensitive hearing—i.e. dog ears!

Workforce Development Associate

Lizette Lewis


Mark loves being a DJ!

Community Health Worker

Mark McAden

Community Health Worker

Neyda Rios

Nutrition Educator

Morgan Rust

Nourish Program Manager

Jacquelyn Saez

Community Health Worker

Barbara Small

Community Health Worker

Takia Smith

Community Health Worker

Jayda Stanford-Collier

Community Health Worker

Pamela Stanley

Nutrition Assistant

Antonia Villafane


Housing Services

Housing Advisor

Sophia Bell


Mary brings over 30 years of housing counseling and real estate experience to NKCDC.

Director of Housing Services

Mary Campbell

Housing Advisor

Arlene Cole


Joe plays classical guitar.

Associate Director of Housing Services/Compliance Officer

Joseph Filipski

Housing Advisor

Damon Montgomery


Ivette loves chocolate.

Housing Advisor

Ivette Velez


Open Space Management

Lasagna is Noel’s favorite.


Noel Olmo

Tiff’s brother and she are Irish twins, 11 months apart.

Open Space Supervisor

Tiff Vidra

x109 or 267-721-2024

Real Estate Development

Redheads with blue eyes make up only 1% of the world’s population.

Real Estate & Resident Services Coordinator

Renee Horst


In her spare time, Nicole assembles Ikea furniture and tries not to kill house plants.

Director of Real Estate and Economic Development

Nicole Westerman


Board of Directors

Frank Iannuzzi

Board member since 2019

Ralph Whitfield

Vice President
Board member since 2019

Caitlin Shuler

Board member since 2020

Deborah McColloch

Board member since 2016

Michael Acciani

Board member since 2021

Michael Alles

Board member since 2021

Awilda Aguila Balbuena

Board member since 2021

Keiko Cramer

Board member since 2017

Tess Donie

Board member since 2021

Reverend Richard Harris

Board member since 2019

Ariell Johnson

Board member since 2020

Timothy Lederer

Board member since 2012

Carlos Masip

Board member since 2017

Nathan McCann

Board member since 2019

William Pace

Board member since 2017

John Taylor

Board member since 2019

Gabriela Monje

Board member since 2021

John Theobald

Board member since 2011

In Memory of Felix M. Torres-Colon

Felix Torres-Colon was a veteran leader in the community development field with decades of real estate development experience at NeighborWorks America organizations. NKCDC remembers his charismatic and courageous leadership of NKCDC from 2017 to 2020.

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