Who We Are Staff & Board

Staff & Board

Interim Executive Director

Bea J.E. Rider

Bea Rider brings a decade of fundraising and management experience from nonprofits across the Philadelphia region. As Director of Resource Development and Communications at NKCDC, she oversaw the corporate, foundation, government, and individual fundraising programs, and led the NKCDC team that plans the annual Kensington Derby and Arts Festival, a partnership with East Kensington Neighbors Association. Under her leadership, NKCDC increased its support as a charter member of NeighborWorks America, and secured significant new investment from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and many respected banks and foundations.

The NKCDC Board appointed Bea as Interim Executive Director after the sudden loss of Felix Torres-Colon in February 2020, and she guided NKCDC’s quick transition to an active virtual office during the coronavirus pandemic that followed.

Before joining NKCDC in 2017, Bea served as Director of Institutional Giving and Membership Manager at Natural Lands, a land conservation organization in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. While at Natural Lands, she built the membership program and oversaw the sponsorship program for its annual fundraising event. Previously, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Bea managed general membership, annual giving, and young friends programs.  

Bea holds a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives with her family in the Olde Richmond neighborhood of Kensington, a few blocks from the NKCDC office, and often bikes to work.

Administrative Staff

Lowell began his career as a visual artist and still works as a photojournalist.

Communications Manager

Lowell Brown


Lisa was born and raised in Olde Kensington.

Morning Receptionist

Lisa Burgos

Director of Human Resources

Severa Kata


Debbie started at NKCDC in 1991 as a VISTA volunteer. She supervises NKCDC’s Open Space…

Operations Director

Deborah Kinkead


Bea Rider brings a decade of fundraising and management experience from nonprofits across the Philadelphia…

Interim Executive Director

Bea J.E. Rider


As a teenager, one of Ashley’s poems was published in a young adult poetry book.


Ashley Rivas


At 12 years old, Andy began helping his parents with their business by doing payroll…

Finance Director

Andrew Stachelek

Afternoon Receptionist

Julia Zambrana


Community Engagement

Everyone calls her “Smooches!”

Connector for Community Based Crime Reduction

Gloria Cartagena

Community Health Worker

Gwendolyn Collier-Jefferson


Joan says she’s easy to get along with. And she’s right!

Connector for Community Based Crime Reduction

Joan Dansette

Cass attended FIT for fashion and textile design. She co-founded Mill Creek Community Partnership.

Community Engagement Project Manager

Cass Green


Jess started work at NKCDC as an AmeriCorps VISTA.

NAC Program Associate

Jessica Hoffman


Lizette has hyperacusis—acute or very sensitive hearing—i.e. dog ears!

Workforce Development Associate

Lizette Lewis


Katsí’s name means Moon in Taíno.

Director of Community Engagement

Katsí Miranda-Lozada


In his spare time, Anthony enjoys restoring furniture.

Community Engagement VISTA

Anthony Miller


Rodney backpacked/rock climbed 100+ miles in 30 days in the Rocky Mountains at age 16.

Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Rodney Mobley


Charrice can whistle any song she knows perfectly on key.

Community Health Worker

Charrice Morris

Connector for Community Based Crime Reduction

Brenda Mosley

Kids call her Ms. Lunch Lady from 10 years of doing summer lunches at McPherson…

Connector for Community Based Crime Reduction

Maria Rivas

Economic Development

Corridor Steward

Brenda Collier

Corridor Steward

Tamera Collier


Brian is a musician and a pool player.

Lead Corridor Steward

Brian M. Cooper

Corridor Steward

Chris Dais


Jessi can sing Jesus Christ Superstar in its entirety, but she can’t carry a tune.

Interim Economic Development Co-Manager

Jessi Ray Koch


Jake eats kiwis like apples with the skin on.

Interim Economic Development Co-Manager

Jake Norton

Corridor Steward

Tyreese Whitaker


Housing Services

Housing Advisor

Sophia Bell


Mary brings over 30 years of housing counseling and real estate experience to NKCDC.

Director of Housing Services

Mary Campbell


Joe has been the best man three times, but never the groom.

Associate Director of Housing Services/Compliance Officer

Joseph Filipski


Melissa is an expert at making tasty soups.

Community-Based Housing Advisor

Melissa Kucherich

Housing Advisor

Damon Montgomery


At age 18, in Puerto Rico, Gloria drove a full-size school bus on church trips.

Housing Advisor

Gloria M. Santiago


Ivette loves chocolate.

Energy/Housing Advisor

Ivette Velez


Open Space Management

Lasagna is Noel’s favorite.


Noel Olmo

Tiff’s brother and she are Irish twins, 11 months apart.

Open Space Supervisor

Tiff Vidra


Real Estate Development

Brian eats corn on the cob in a spiral instead of around or side-to-side.

Acting Director of Real Estate

Brian Horne


Redheads with blue eyes make up only 1% of the world’s population.

Resident Services Associate

Renee Horst


Board of Directors

Timothy Lederer

Board member since 2012

Sydney Stewart

Vice President
Board member since 2011

Frank Iannuzzi

Board member since 2019

Deborah McColloch

Board member since 2016

Keiko Cramer

Board member since 2017

Reverend Richard Harris

Board member since 2019

Edward Johnson

Board member since 2019

Todd Kimmel

Board member since 2019

Carlos Masip

Board member since 2017

Nathan McCann

Board member since 2019

William Pace

Board member since 2017

John Taylor

Board member since 2019

John Theobald

Board member since 2011

Erica Vanstone

Board member since 2017

Ralph Whitfield

Board member since 2019