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Affordable Health Insurance & Care

Local medical and dental care

Esperanza Health Center is a Christian organization providing affordable, high-quality, bilingual and multi-cultural primary health care services, regardless of people’s ability to pay. Their Kensington location is at 3156 Kensington Avenue, Philadelphia. Call 215-302-3600 for medical or 215-302-3156 for dental appointments.

Delaware Valley Community Health delivers high quality, community based, primary medical, dental and behavioral health services to patients regardless of their ability to pay at the time of service. Their Fairhill location is at 401 West Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia. Call 215-291-2500.

A city health center is located at 321 W Girard Avenue, Philadelphia. It accepts Medicare, Medicaid, HMO plans, and most other insurance options. If you are uninsured, the center will charge a small fee based on family size and income. Call 215-685-3803 for medical and 215-685-3816 for dental appointments.

Affordable health insurance

Pennsylvania is transitioning from to its own affordable health insurance marketplace—Pennie. Pennsylvania residents who are U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals, or have a qualified immigration status, can get health care coverage. You may want to use Pennie if:

  1. You are unemployed and without health insurance coverage.
  2. You are currently insured but would like to shop for a plan for next year.
  3. You recently lost other insurance options.
  4. Your employer does not provide health coverage.

Pennie also will link you to additional financial assistance from the American Rescue Plan to lower your monthly payment and out-of-pocket expenses.

Help finding affordable insurance

BenePhilly Enrollment Centers offer free one-on-one support to help Philadelphians fill out, and follow up on, benefit applications. Call 800-236-2194. 

PCCY Child Health Watch Helpline assists families in finding affordable health insurance for their children. The service is free and is available in any language. Call 215-563-5848 x17.

City health centers can also help you apply for affordable health insurance.


There are agencies dedicated to addressing addiction, children and youth, domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, and mental health needs. Get familiar with these emergency alternatives to 911.

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Connect to good health

NKCDC’s team of community health workers can help you find resources to meet your needs for housing, food, utilities, transportation, translation, education, child care, and anything else that may affect your health.

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