Blog NKCDC We CAN Racial Justice Statement

We CAN (Change & Action Now) is a community based crime reduction project of three nonprofits— HACE, Impact Services, and NKCDC—working together to support residents within the Kensington and Fairhill neighborhoods of North Philadelphia. 

We stand in solidarity with grassroots, local, and national movements to end racism and oppression. We firmly believe that Black Lives Matter. We support those who are standing up for justice and equity for black and brown people in our city, our country, and our world. We collectively believe that solidarity and deliberate action are imperative to ending hate and interlocking systems of oppression. 

The We CAN collective understands and affirms that poverty, disinvestment, redlining, trauma, and prejudice are products of systemically racist and exploitative structures that have persisted for far too long. 

Our vision is a safe and unified neighborhood where residents work together to build trust, eliminate crime, and advocate for their community. Our project goals are:

  1. Increasing collective efficacy— bringing neighbors together, building trust, and empowering local residents and organizations to make change
  2. Improving relationships and collaboration between the police and the community
  3. Reducing physical disorder—cleaning, greening and designing safer blocks

In this effort, we are navigating the historical and ongoing impacts of police brutality and other forms of violence and domination within our communities and others nationwide. As we continue this work, we will be listening carefully to our neighbors and supporting them as they build new models for community safety and challenge harmful policies, practices, and structures. We are grateful to serve our neighbors and provide platforms for change and action now.