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Staff talk about their work and the NeighborWorks network in six new videos

“We recognize that we can’t get this done alone,” says NKCDC’s executive director, Dr. Bill McKinney, in thinking about the complex challenges facing the Kensington area.

“It is critical that we are working closely with the community that we serve, with other nonprofits, with city, state, federal partners in identifying how we can move forward together.”

NeighborWorks America is one of the bright stars in the constellation of mission-driven, results-focused organizations that support NKCDC.

NeighborWorks was established by the U.S. Congress in 1978. Getting to be a charter member is a big deal—there are fewer than 250 member organizations across the country, and only two in Philadelphia. (The other is our Kensington neighbor, HACE!).

This week we invite you to meet a few NKCDC staff as they talk about our work and how NeighborWorks is impacting Philadelphia:

  • Dr. Bill McKinney, Executive Director, names the triennial organizational review process and peer learning opportunities as two ways NeighborWorks strengthens NKCDC’s ability to meet challenges in Kensington.
  • Damon Mongomery and Sophia Bell, Housing Advisors, talk about NeighborWorks’ ongoing training and certification that allows them to provide the highest quality, free assistance to homeowners, homebuyers, and renters across Philadelphia.
  • Katsi Miranda-Lozada, Director of Community Engagement, clarifies what community engagement means for NKCDC, and how NeighborWorks is advancing community leadership in Philadelphia.
  • Nicole Westerman, Vice President of Real Estate and Economic Development, describes NKCDC’s ambitious plans for affordable housing and commercial development, and names some of the NeighborWorks staff who have gone out of their way to champion our work.
  • Renee Horst, Real Estate and Resident Services Coordinator, explains how NeighborWorks has bolstered NKCDC’s Resident Services Program for our tenants, a model that supports individuals and families toward housing stability, improved economic outcomes, increased personal health and wellness, and stronger communities.

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Nicole Westerman, NKCDC’s director of real estate and economic development, talks about how NeighborWorks is supporting ambitious initiatives for affordable housing and commercial development in Kensington.

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