Trauma-Informed Community Development

NKCDC gives residents tools to build strong blocks and neighborhoods. Working with community leaders, we are building a trauma-informed approach to community development.

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Open Space Management

In 1996, NKCDC and community members began cleaning vacant lots that were easy targets for illegal dumping and criminal activity. Today, our approach is the basis for the PHS LandCare Program, and our crew cleans and mows more than 900 parcels a year.

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Zoning & Planning

See the neighborhood and corridor plans created by local neighborhoods and business districts, and find the organizations that handle local zoning concerns.

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Real Estate Development

NKCDC brings life to abandoned buildings by providing affordable housing, converts old factories to new uses, and collaborates with city, state, & federal agencies on brownfield redevelopment.

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Health Connectors

NKCDC’s Health Connectors conduct health screenings and connect residents to health care, healthy food, credit and budget counseling, and other social service resources.

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Home Repairs

“Home repair is the best thing we can do to improve people’s health and prevent them from being displaced from their neighborhood,” says Associate Director of Community Engagement, Tess Donie.

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