Community Cleaning & Greening Vacant Land Resources

Getting Started

Want to know more about a vacant property that has been a nuisance on your block or that you may be interested in buying?

Philadelphia Atlas is the City of Philadelphia’s online source for property information. Type in an address or click around the map.

The Philadelphia Water Department also has a Stormwater Billing map that provides detailed property information.

Next Steps

Two properties on the same block may require different approaches depending on the conditions. Here are questions to consider:

Is the property publicly or privately owned? 
Find the answer on Philadelphia Atlas or the City’s Property search.

Is the property in the City’s Land Bank database?
Search and express interest in properties the City has for sale.

Are there back taxes or License and Inspections violations? 
Check websites for the Department of Revenue and Department of Licenses and Inspections.

What City Council district is the property located in?
Search here.

Because vacant land policy has changed a lot in recent years, your City councilperson is often your most reliable resource. NKCDC is also happy to assist. Call us at 215-427-0350.