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ABOVE: A permit has been issued for 72 apartments and 10 commercial studios at 2149-73 E Rush Street.

New development is coming to Kensington. More residents and businesses bring positive changes to a neighborhood, but as property values rise, rents and property taxes go up as well. With over 2,000 new housing units planned for the area around Frankford and Lehigh Avenues, housing costs in Kensington are likely to increase. 

NKCDC provides free housing services to anyone in Philadelphia. We can help you figure out what programs you qualify for, and help you apply. Below are some of the programs available. To schedule an appointment with an NKCDC Housing Advisor, call 215-427-0350, email, or go to

Help with rent

Philadelphia’s program to prevent evictions continues through 2022. NKCDC can help you get rental assistance, reach an agreement with your landlord, represent you in housing court, and connect you to other housing resources. 

Reduced property taxes

  • Homestead Exemption—If you own your primary residence, the City of Philadelphia can reduce the assessed value of your property by $45,000. Most homeowners save $629 a year on their real estate tax bill.
  • Tax abatement—Many people know about 10-year tax abatements for new construction. But you can also apply for reduced taxes for repairs to multi-unit homes and business properties, as well as improvements to properties that are unoccupied but will become residential.

Help with overdue property taxes

Are you falling behind on real estate taxes? Did you receive a Rule Returnable Hearing Notice for taxes that are past due? NKCDC can help you develop a realistic spending plan, and prepare applications to the Department of Revenue or City Law Department for an affordable payment plan. We will also figure out if you qualify for programs to help you reduce your expenses. 

Help for seniors with rent & property taxes

There are a variety of opportunities for people age 65 or older, as well as their spouses or widows. 

  • Seniors with income under $27,500 for a single person, or $35,500 for a married couple, may be eligible for a real estate tax freeze, so the amount of tax you pay each year will not increase.
  • Seniors who paid property tax or rent last year may be eligible for a rent or property tax rebate, to get some of that money back.

Help with utilities

A new statewide Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) opened this year. Residents who are behind on their water bill may be eligible for up to $5,000 to pay past-due bills. 

NKCDC can help you apply for LIHWAP as well as LIHEAP, emergency energy assistance, and budget billing programs for PECO, PGW and the Water Department—and give you advice on how to reduce your energy costs. 

Is your name on the deed?

If you are a homeowner with the deed in your name, you may qualify for special programs, like free or low-cost home repair. If not, NKCDC can walk you through the probate process—which is the first step to getting the deed in your name—and can refer you to other agencies to prepare and record your deed.

To schedule an appointment with an NKCDC Housing Advisor, call 215-427-0350, email, or go to

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