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Homebuyer Workshops

Free 4-Hour Online Workshops

Buying a house is a big project! Whether you’re thinking about your first home or trying to remember all the steps from the last time, this class is for you.

The First Time Homebuyer workshop is a free, four-hour online class. Each workshop features a lender, a realtor, a home inspector and a housing advisor from NKCDC. Topics range from selecting a realtor to getting inspections. NKCDC housing advisors present pre-purchase and post-purchase information. We answer all questions! 

Workshops are offered several times a month by Zoom. Download the app on your laptop, tablet or phone. Event login information will be sent to your email 10 minutes before the online workshop begins.

To Sign Up

  1. First, sign up for a one-on-one appointment with an NKCDC housing advisor. 
  2. Then choose a First-Time Homebuyer Workshop to attend.

Questions? Please call 215-427-0350.

8-Hour Online Workshops for a fee

For those who can’t attend NKCDC’s free homebuyer workshops, two companies provide eight-hour homebuyer education classes online. Both are accessible by phone, tablet and computer. Both are HUD-approved and are accepted by most local and national mortgage products and first-time homebuyer incentives.


Certificate upon completion of a test. $75.

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eHome America

Certificate upon completion of the course. No test. $99.

In order to qualify for homebuyer assistance programs, potential homeowners who take this course are required to schedule at least one individual appointment with an NKCDC housing advisor and complete the necessary compliance/disclosure forms. You are also encouraged to take advantage of other housing services NKCDC offers.

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