Blog Arts NKCDC hosts Philly’s first Hip Hop Architecture camp

This year, NKCDC hosted Philly’s first Hip Hop Architecture Camp to introduce local youth to architecture, urban planning, creative placemaking, and economic development through the lens of hip hop culture. You can watch one of the things they made, below.

Camp participants learned the practice of architecture by exploring the intersection of hip hop and the built environment. During the camp, students aged 13 to 17 were paired with architects, urban planners, designers, community activists and hip hop artists to create unique visions for their communities. They created physical models, digital models and this music video summarizing their designs

The camp was part of a national effort by the Urban Arts Collective to inspire more students in underserved communities to consider design-related careers. It was made possible in Philadelphia with funding from the Claneil Foundation and NeighborWorks America.

NKCDC has been working to engage youth and young adults around crime, safety, the environment, and most importantly, their perspective of the community they live in. Stay tuned for information about NKCDC’s expanded summer camp in 2020, which will include visual and performing arts.