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Help NKCDC decide long-term uses for 2200 and 2211 Frankford Ave

New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) has owned open land at 2200-08 and 2211-17 Frankford Avenue, near the intersection of Frankford & Susquehanna, since the late ’90s. Over those 20+ years, the spaces have seen a variety of seasonal uses, from children’s programming to art installations, beer gardens to wine gardens, dog-walking to leisure space.

Now NKCDC is seeking input about long-term uses for both lots. As a community development corporation who tries to advance the best interests of our neighbors, we believe it’s important to let the community participate in our process of deciding how these lots should be used. 

We’re asking local residents—both near neighbors and other Philly residents who have experienced those spaces—to tell NKCDC their ideas and desires for those lots. To help steer the conversation, NKCDC staff and the Real Estate Committee of its Board of Directors have identified three broad options for each space, explained below. 

map of lots at Frankford and Susquehanna

Options for each space

Affordable multi-family rental housing with commercial space on the first floor

This is driven by the ever-rising cost of housing in Fishtown, and the importance of preserving a diversity of housing options for people of all incomes.  This could look like NKCDC developing and continuing ownership, or a partnership with another affordable housing developer.  NKCDC typically targets families earning between 20%-60% of the Philadelphia Metro Area Median Income, which in 2022 is a one-person household earning between $7,600 to $44,280 per year, or a four-person household earning between $9,240 to $63,240 per year.  Timeframe: 5-7 years until project completion, affordability preserved for at least 15 years, possibly in perpetuity.    

Green space open to the community, with a sustainable stewardship model

This could be passive park-like green space, as 2200-08 Frankford Ave exists today, or another sustainable stewardship model such as forming a “friends of” group, community garden or farm, business sponsorship, etc.  Local case studies and feasibility of these models would be explored during follow-up engagement if there is strong support for this option. Timeframe: 1-2 years until project completion, preserved for 5-99 years.  

Outdoor vendor market space, supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs

This could enhance walkability between the southern and northern ends of Frankford Avenue’s business corridor.  The current Mural City Cellars wine garden and trolley is one example of this, or this project could include additional infrastructure upgrades such as restrooms, partial rain coverage, etc.  Timeframe: 1-3 years until project completion, preserved for 5-99 years.

options for lots at Frankford and Susquehanna

Share your opinion about Frankford and Susquehanna

  1. Vote online here.
  2. Come in-person to the event at 2200 Frankford Ave on Saturday, November 12, from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Members of NKCDC’s staff and board will be present and happy to talk through the options, as well as share some history and process.
  3. Vote on paper at the ballot box at 2200 Frankford Ave. (northwest corner of Frankford and Susquehanna) from November 2 to 22.  
  4. Return the mailer we sent to those living within 500 feet of 2200 Frankford Ave.  

Thank you for helping shape your community! Stop by 2200 Frankford Avenue on Saturday, November 12, vote on paper at the box there, or share your opinion online.

Vote online here