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Food Policy Operations Lead—City of Philadelphia

Over the past two years, the Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC) has been growing its membership, infrastructure, organization systems, and policy processes so Philadelphians who are most impacted by and organizing against injustices in our food system (e.g., people who are experiencing food insecurity, working in the food industry, relying on school/prison food, struggling to own land and grow one’s cultural foods, feeding neighbors, and running neighborhood-based food businesses) can lead food policy and increase their political power in our city.  

Philadelphia still suffers from the effects of deeply racist policies and practices that began centuries ago with the land theft and genocide of indigenous people and the enslavement of African people. This history and more recent practices of redlining and mass incarceration of poor and working-class communities of color, still determines which communities are more likely to experience hunger, suffer from diet-related diseases, labor in our region’s kitchens, own land, and have a voice in political processes. FPAC aims to make amends for historically racist and unjust policies by advocating for policy change that addresses the root causes of inequities and injustices in our food system. FPAC believes that Black, Brown, Indigenous, poor, and marginalized people with wisdom from experiencing food injustices and enacting community-based solutions must lead and influence our city’s food policy work in order to build a racially and economically just food system. The Food Policy Operations Lead is critical to assuring that FPAC’s work is funded, that systems are in place to support FPAC members to thrive, and that our efforts and resources are shared with Philadelphians most impacted by and critical to our local food system in ways that are relevant and accessible

The Food Policy Operations Lead will meet the development, communications, and administrative needs of FPAC and its more than thirty appointed members and seven subcommittees. The Lead will also provide administrative support to the cross-departmental Food Policy Staff Working Group and Leadership Table.

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