Get Involved Job Board Artist Request for Proposals – Impact Services

Artist Request for Proposals – Impact Services

Impact Services is seeking an artist/group of artists to create a spring-themed creative placemaking campaign on 10 storefronts on the K&A commercial corridor. The campaign, made possible by a grant from the Knight Foundation , aims to engage in a neighborhood conversation about the strengths and resilience of the K&A Community. Inspired by local resident, Genevieve Geer of Juggarnaut Glasshaus, the project’s goals are to: create BEAUTY, RESHAPE THE NEGATIVE NARRATIVE associated with K&A and provide opportunities for COLLABORATION between merchants and community.

PROJECT: Artists will be commissioned with the creation of temporary window art on the selected storefronts to be completed by April 15, 2020 and to stay on display until July 2020. The theme of the artwork will be developed collaboratively with merchants/community members through focus group sessions coordinated by Impact Services. The final work should enliven the corridor, have a seasonal concept and a cultural connection to the neighborhood.

PROCESS: Proposals are due on Feb 14, COB, and will be evaluated by a panel of local stakeholders and participating merchants. Artists selection will be announced on Feb 26 and art will be developed and installed between March 1 and April 15; during this time artists will participate in 2 focus-group discussions- one general meeting to develop the concept/message and one smaller discussion with their clients to present their proposal for feedback. Project must be completed by April 15.

COMMUNITY IMPACT: This project is part of a comprehensive strategy outlined in the Heart of Kensington Collective Impact 2022 Neighborhood Plan. The vision of this plan is for neighbors to feel connected to each other, take shared responsibility for the neighborhood, feel empowered to make a change in their environment, and envision a positive future for themselves and their children.

STIPEND/MATERIALS: $1,000 per storefront for artist time and $250 for materials. Window art will use washable paint, which should withstand the elements for the duration of the campaign, but be removable as to not cause any damage to the storefronts. 

ADDRESSES: The selected storefronts are:

  • 3415-17 Kensington Ave 3145 Kensington Avenue
  • 3312-14 Kensington Avenue 3166 Kensington Avenue
  • 3268 Kensington Avenue 3168 Kensington Avenue
  • 3200 Kensington Avenue 3025-27 Kensington Avenue
  • 861 E Allegheny Ave 3000 Kensington Avenue

RESPONSE REQUIREMENTS: Please respond with the following by February 14th at 3 PM

  • Samples of artwork
  • Experience in community-led projects and/or participatory design process
  • Previous mural or window art experience, if relevant
  • Short essay (100-250 words) on your impressions of and/or an experience you’ve had at K&A

Please send proposals via email by close of business February 14th at to If you have any questions or to request additional information please contact:

Jonathan Arrieta
K&A Commercial Corridor Manager
Impact Services Corp
1952 E Allegheny Ave, 3rd floor
Ph: 215.739.1600