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Take Ownership of Your Home

Learn about the importance of making a will and fighting against tangled titles to protect...

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Fall SNBL Neighborhood Block Party

Please join Somerset Neighbors For Better Living (SNBL) for their fall Neighborhood Block Party!  

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«The Artist’s Way» 13 Week Creative Workshop on Zoom

Ever wonder what it would be like to pump up your creativity with a group...

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We CAN Advisory Meeting

We CAN (Change & Action Now) is three nonprofits—HACE, Impact Services and NKCDC—coming together to...

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Small Business Accounting

A strong foundation in the basics of accounting will help you stay on top of...

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FNA General Meeting

Fishtown Neighbors Association aims to connect Fishtown neighbors, preserve Fishtown’s unique character, and honor the...

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NKCDC Diabetes Prevention

Learn about ways to manage diabetes, stressors and triggers, meal preparation, staying on track, and...

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Creative Wellness Co-Working Space

This is a weekly space for folks to come together and talk about creativity! Come...

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ORCA General Meeting

Olde Richmond Civic Association is committed to maintaining a safe, stable, and valued community by...